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Update #3 is here!


This community really keeps surprising me.
Without bandages, gunners only have FF and IEG. Most of the soldiers I've been playing with lately just won't heal, even after spamming the Medic emote in their faces 2 minutes straight. They always heal when you die and there even have been a couple t-bagging me. So you wonder why gunners go lone-wolfing around the map. Whenever I'm nearly dead, don't expect FF to do much, since it's basically 1 pistol shot before I die. IEG is weak as shit now too and heals you just a really small amount which barely saves you from anything.

As this community considers longrange pistols as Hand Snipers I think it's not really a big problem to deal with the commandos on top of mountains. Soldiers should be able to kill them very easily. Teamplay is pretty rare, since soldiers prefer to camp with their beloved longrange pistols while gunners actually try to push, but oftenly fail, because they get run over by the enemy team. This is why they start flanking and leave the group of soldiers which hides behind corners every time they have to reload their longrange pistol.

The following situation is that gunners try to get close to enemy soldiers, but when they get spotted they will be an easy pick-off by the soldier. So be real, really a situation where you need bandages since the longrange machinegun + FF combo isn't gonna cut it for the majority of the gunners in this game.

I don't like the fact the sniper using commandos have bandages, but a lot of commando players use weapons other than sniper rifles and it wouldn't be fair for that group.

Also it are the weakest bandages in the game, so it's a lot less effective anyway.

(sorry for mistakes, was in a hurry)

1) The Revive dev-team has stated that their intent is to bring this game back the way it was before it shut down in 2015, or as close to it as they can get. That is the eventual hope, and has been the goal of the team from the very get-go, even during HeroesAwaken.

2) Bandages and wrenches were part of the game from the very start. They never diminished the role of the soldier, even when Supreme Bandages/Wrenches and Tonics were added into the game. They only served to augment the Soldier. Yes, it encouraged lone-wolfing, but that's fine. Plus, especially bandages, if you are damaged, it stops the effect, and it makes noise so people can find you if they're nearby.

Gunners have been able to heal themselves from the get-go. Frenzy-Fire, and I Eats Grenades.

3) Commandos are going to camp; it's the nature of the class. Snipers are not meant to be in the fray; they have low health, and no means of healing themselves on their own (hence bandages/tonics). Their class is meant to keep the enemy ducking. As long as they're doing that, they're doing their job.

4) The Soldier has always been the less-effective class, particularly in terms of damage, and even in support. Gunners have more sharable support abilities (Hero Shield, Leg It, and I would argue IEG at high level, given the area it eliminates explosives). Commandos have a powerful support ability (Mark Target), used to flush targets out of their hidey-holes. Soldiers are mainly meant to be a supplementary class, and that's always been their role. Stick around the objectives, heal when possible, and keep enemies out (a la Blasting Strike, and Sixth Sense)


No matter what anyone says, or how much they complain about the widgets and new weapons/clothing, they most certainly were not the death of BFH.

2009: "Super/Uber weapons are the death of the game!" "Wait, VP changed?! Shorter rental times on weapons?! THE GAME IS DEAD! EA FAILED!"

2010: "JETPACKS?! Oh, well, maybe those are okay..." "Modern outfits and weapons! You're killing the game! (Sarge's Stamina Boost OP!)"

2011: "Dead Space outfits?! More jetpacks?!" "Punk weapons?! Stupid OP shotguns and MGL's!" "Pirates! Vikings! Iron Man vs Captain America! Wizards! Doesn't fit the theme! The game is going to die because of this!" "Egyptian sets?! Machetes?!" "Where do Samurai fit in in the WWII theme?! I hate the katanas and dragon-zookas!" "Wait, what?! Treasure chests?! You've crossed a line with that one!"

2012: "Oh, no! Not more punk weapons! Stupid AT rifles and AA rockets!" "ROBOTS?!" "Cowboys?! Men in Black/Gangster/Hitman sets?! The MOON?! LASERS?! What happened to the WWII theme?!" "Oh, well, okay... We got some WWII sets and a new map... But that should be it! NO NEW SETS! Haven't you done enough?!" "They added demons... IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!" "Workbench!? WORKBENCH?! R.I.P. BFH.""

2013: "Aliens? Really? AND alien weaponry?! I am disappoint! And that teleporter?! What is this? TF2?" "Noooo! Not helicopters! You're going to kill the game!" "Civil War sets?! What?!" "And, we got a new game mode! I HATE IT!" "Stupid War Room! The Nationals always win!" "AND these stupid biker sets! Stupid tear gas!" "WWII THEME! WWII THEME!"

2014: "Whee... Bugfixes... But that's about it..." "Developers? Where are you? We're not getting updates... Devs? Are you there?"

2015: "Thank you for playing. We're shutting F2P titles down in July. Make the most of it."

Titles shut down in 2015:
-Battlefield Heroes
-BF Play4Free
-Need for Speed: World
-FIFA: World


In 2012, EA said it had over 12 million players on BFH alone, so there were at least as many registered users by the end of 2014/early 2015. The real death of BFH was the announcement of BF Hardline. Search results for BFH that used to turn up BF Heroes were already starting to show BF Hardline instead, and there was an attempt to get BF Heroes players to beta-test Hardline, which should have been a red flag to all of us in 2014 that the time was drawing near that BF Heroes would shut down.

It's clear that all the weapons, the clothing items, and the widgets added since the game released in 2009 were not the cause of the death of the game. They really didn't impact players much then, and they won't when the game goes live. Widgets, such as the magic and kegs and such will all be expensive to buy, just like they would have been in BFH-proper if they were available for VP.

It is highly doubtful that players are going to spend oodles of VP on a temporary widget (e.g. Fireproof Underpants, magic, etcetera), when they can buy something permanent instead. Everyone's using these widgets infinitely right now because they're available to them. When the game goes live, that kind of gameplay will not be possible, except on unranked servers.

We do have folks who won't be happy unless there are absolutely, positively no new widgets of any kind; and they don't want to see any of the new weapons either. The solution for them will be to get their own server (provided that's possible) and make it a 2009 Purist Server, where they can play with what they deem acceptable, and let the rest of us play the full game.
Widgets is not the only problem.

Why IEG and normal KEG got nerf on gunner?

Why u buff Granede Spam?

You do not have to shoot people now, you just use widgets and grenades and you're killing enemies easily.
Think of it as a shooter or spam widgets and grenades

For these reasons, this game has died


We don't control this nerfs/buffs since we only upgraded the version patch, which means this changes were done by EA back then.
how can we pay someone to steal the server files for bfh? the original devs or someone with access to server files? can we get soemone to break into some EA offices? Maybe server providers still have a bunch of old backups from back in the day. There must be a way. yes, i'm joking. maybe.
It's incredibly easy to make changes to the state of the game but we'd like to backport everything possible so we have a base to work with.
i freakin' DO hope you realize that "having a base to work with" in case of hypershit like The Workbench is deleting it off for satan's sake to bloody hell where it belongs
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