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  • Hello Freezer. My account was banned because I used the radar, not for long, but still broke the rules of the game. I am very sorry about this and I apologize many times, although this can be in vain. I'm a fan of the game since 2009 and was very happy when your company revived it. If you forgive my stupid act, I will be very grateful to you. I really hope so. Thank you for your time. Good luck.
    paper on fire and sitting down to see what happens, it's so obvious what will happen.
    And that's what I did exactly...Is there any possibility to come back to play this awesome game?
    create a new account and keep playing normally as I always did before the big mistake.
    And after days, as I expected, I got banned not from the system but probably someone saw that It was me just with another account.
    Now I really don't know what to do, I waited for so long for this game and I was so happy to see that it's back...I fucked just for see what an aimbot can do, it's like when a child puts
    Please at least read everything here:

    Hi freeze, probably it will be useless but I want to try so hard.
    I think around weeks ago, honestly I downloaded an aimbot from youtube without thinking about aftermath.
    I only wanted to see how these programms works but I know that this sounds so much as an excuse and I can't give you proof of that, and you would be right.
    In panic of what I did...I decided to
    I got BANNED on an account that I never used hack on it. WHHHHHYYY is that so? PLease UNBAN me, because I didn't do anything wrong, just your system did!
    shut the fuck up cheater, don't complain
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